Snakes and Sprained Ankles

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing okay out in internet-land. I figured I’d update everyone since life has been so hectic lately. There was a bit of an incident the other, day but nothing too major. Don’t worry, everyone is okay, save for my sprained ankle.

Maggie and I were out for a ride a few days ago, when she started to seem a bit spooked. She can be a bit jumpy, but nothing like the way she was when we first got her. Well, we were down by the creek that runs along the edge of my property. I wasn’t sure what was getting Maggie so riled up until I noticed something on a rock by the creek’s edge. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it until it slithered around a little bit. Now snakes aren’t really a big deal here on the island. Thankfully, PEI only has three native snake species: the common garter snake, the smooth garter snake, and the red-bellied snake. All of these are perfectly harmless to humans, but they can still spook a horse without any trouble.

Well this little garter snake decided it was going to sun itself on a rock, but Maggie wasn’t having it one bit. She seemed like she was going to calm down until the snake slithered off into the woods without notice. Maggie started stomping uncontrollably, even though I was doing my best to calm her down. She just kept getting more agitated, and I was getting afraid that she was about to rear. I tried to get her to move (the best way to prevent a horse from rearing), but she wasn’t going to move a bit. Just then, there was a rustling in the woods, probably a squirrel or something, and that was all she wrote. Maggie reared and down I fell – crumpling on top of my left leg.

Maggie finally calmed down a few minutes later, and I managed to lead her back home, all while feeling an awful pain in my left ankle. When I finally got Maggie back in the stable, I left for the hospital. Come to find out, I had a severely sprained ankle.

This has put quite a damper on life recently. I’m not really supposed to be up and about, which means I haven’t been able to ride for days. Taking care of the farm has also been even more work now that it takes me extra time to do things.

So that’s a short update on my life recently. Nothing quite as cute as a single mom with a boot on her ankle is there? I guess my life really has taken an interesting turn lately. Anyway, before I go I’m gonna include some information on how to handle a horse that’s rearing. This is really important for anyone, expert or novice alike. So go ahead and peruse that and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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